Striving to find musicality

Acest articol a fost scris anul trecut pentru a fi publicat pe un alt blog, insa lucrurile au evoluat in alta directie. Asa ca-l pun aici. Tare mult imi place (feeling dreamy).


“There is a fine line in many things.

Attempting to put aside the alluring inclination to generalize while trying to remain open minded and receptive, I will go and reflect a little bit on the popularity which certain music genres have, even though many would say that they don’t quite tingle the ears.

Indeed listening to music should not be a “task” for the mind, but rather for the heart, but usually looking closely to anything brings light onto them and makes them more easily to accept, if not understand. It’s a kind of struggle and it doesn’t happen naturally, led by a slow type of thinking. Going beyond the first thought, most of the time impulsive, caries the potential of opening oneself to new perceptions and is through this that life becomes richer than before. So let’s shine some light on those music genres which might be considered to have less musicality.

Very tempting is to point the finger and express the raw feelings and opinions which lie on the mind’s surface. And this usually happens, making some You Tube pages to be filled with nice words and flowers. Sometimes, judging whether we like a song or not it’s a matter of comparing the new record with what we are used to listen, which involves a filter through which we perceive music. The new song is not listened for what it is but rather in comparison with other ones.

It’s a real effort to find musicality in songs which are (maybe initially) found noisy, dull, uniform, too electric, inorganic, or too old, as it involves patience and lack of judgment at least while they are listened. The openness needed to give a five minutes chance could be rewarded with finding an unknown artist or an unanticipated source of inspiration or the sudden awareness of something or the hard rock bottom from which ones live can rebound…

…or it might as well lead nowhere. It could be just an unpleasant musical experience and the labeling of a certain artist of music genre as “bad”. Even if the listener didn’t gain anything out of the exercise, he still didn’t lose anything, as for him it would be just a moment in time – with its probabilistic opportunity of finding something to cherish. For the composer, on the other hand, it, for real, is a precious creative process which it let to happen. And no matter what musical “form” it gets to be expressed in, the
creativity is expressed and that’s what matters.

Through perception relativity is created; each of us resonates with a particular genre and our musical tastes differ, but this doesn’t have to be a reason which stands in our way to connect or even gather. As long as it brings people together – no matter how many they are – and creates harmony in their relationship, then everything is perfect.

For those cases in which we did make an effort to understand how some people find musicality in certain musical genres, but couldn’t, let’s at least accept their tastes and refrain from rejecting them based on what they enjoy. If that is what makes them joyous and in harmony with all people, then all is well.”

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